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Accepting Terms and Conditions

By accepting this agreement, you agree to enter into a confidential business relationship for the purpose of discussing your business or your enquired business.

In order to achieve this purpose, either party may not disclose information that it deems confidential. There, it is hereby agreed that both parties:

  1. Acknowledge that the Confidential Information is confidential;
  2. Agree that the Confidential Information excludes information already known to the Recipient or their client prior to the date of this Agreement, and Information which is in the public domain or which becomes so other than by a breach of this Confidentiality Undertaking are ongoing.
  3. Knowing the potential damages to the Client and Just Business Brokers.Com of a breach of confidentiality undertake-
    1. to keep the Confidential Information strictly confidential and not disclose the Confidential Information to any third party other than directly to any authorized clients ;
    2. to use the Confidential Information solely for the purpose of evaluating the opportunity offered to the Client (the “Opportunity”) whether it be to purchase the Business or otherwise;
    3. not to use or allow the Confidential Information to be used to gain a business or other advantage to the Recipient, their Company or any other party, and not to allow the use of the Confidential Information to harm or disadvantage the Business;
    4. to only discuss with, or disclose the Confidential Information to, those employees or professional advisors of the Recipient or the Recipient’s Company or who have undertaken to be bound by this confidentiality undertaking;
    5. to return all Confidential Information and all copies, notes and other records of the Confidential Information to the Business immediately on being requested to do so the Business;
    6. not to discuss the Recipient’s or the Recipients Company’s interest in the Business or the Opportunity offered by the Business with the Business’ landlords, suppliers, customers, employees or with any otherparty; and
    7. not to disclose to any party that any discussions have been held in respect of the Confidential Information, the Client or the opportunity offered by the Client.
  4. Agree for your details to be used solely by Just Business Brokers.Com for future marketing purposes which you will be able to opt out at any point in time. Just Business Brokers.Com will never disclose your details to any third party contact or software.